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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Terrestrial and Aerial Survey

We are able to supply a range of ground-based and aerial survey solutions to our clients, whether it be for the purposes of land surveying, topographic modelling, remote-sensing, or simply assessing the progress of your project. Our staff have experience with Total Stations, Differential GPS units, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Satellite derived data, LiDAR point clouds, and Multi-Spectral Imagery. 

3D Geospatial Data Capture

Need to record an asset in detail? Why not take advantage of our 3D data capture services through a combination of measured survey, photogrammetry, and laser scanning our team can produce 3D models with centimetre accuracy enabling you to inspect assets, buildings, and sites in photorealistic detail whilst extracting planimetrically accurate data suitable for integration with your project BIM or GIS systems.

GIS Based Mapping and Analysis

Whether it is up to the minute mapping, high definition aerial imagery or complex spatial analysis here at Vertex we have the solution for you. Our team can supply advice and services to ensure you have the best cartographic solutions at your fingertips, we are experienced in technical reporting and draughtsmanship ensuring you have accurate plans throughout the lifetime of your project.

Digital Archiving and Metadata Attribution

The sustainability of data, it's access and reuse are central issues for modern projects. Our staff can supply expertise to your team regarding the structures and systems best placed to archive your geospatial data cost-effectively and sustainably. Similarly if you require Data Management Plans, Metadata attribution, or simply cost-effective data management then Vertex is the company for you.

Graphic Design and Print Services

Need to showcase your project? Our staff can rapidly produce a huge range of standard outputs suitable for analogue printing or digital representation, whilst liaising closely with your team to ensure your design vision is achieved.

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