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Professional Geospatial Services

From aerial survey to bespoke GIS mapping to complex data analytics we can provide your construction and survey project with high quality, reliable data.

Let Your Spatial Data Take Your Project to Higher Grounds

Vertex Geomatics is a geomatics company providing GIS, aerial survey, and satellite-based remote-sensing services to visualise archaeological sites, historic buildings, and relict landscapes. With a wide range of services centred around data collection, analysis, and visualisation, we strive to provide the most accurate and reliable outcomes with the latest technology and expertise.

We offer services at all project stages from site assessment through to construction and maintenance 

Survey & Mapping

Our Land Surveying services provide detailed and accurate measurements of your site or asset. By using a range of modern survey technologies such as Total Station, D-GPS, UAV's and 3D Laser scanning our team can rapidly capture, process, and visualise the survey targets of your choice. Data is then presented in a professional quality format for mapping, plans and 3D visualisation. 

UAV Aerial Survey

Our UAV aerial survey services provide a comprehensive solution for mapping and surveying needs, no matter the scale. We can record areas or assets depending on the client's needs and preferences, while also offering the option to incorporate our land surveying services in order to create highly accurate models with centimetre accuracy.

Satellite Remote-Sensing

Remote sensing is a powerful tool that uses satellite imagery to provide rapid characterisation of land coverage, vegetation health, climate trends, and assets on a local, regional or even national scale. By using RGB, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, and SAR imaging, remote-sensing can provide valuable insights into a range of environmental and economic activities.

LiDAR Analysis

Our LiDAR service provides rapid visualisations of landscape-scale areas in the UK at a relatively low cost. This service can be incorporated with our Land Surveying and Data Analytics services to provide a range of modelling and assessment, including visibility, least-cost pathways, spatial-trend, and micro-topographical analysis. Our LiDAR service is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis service provides detailed insights into your data, enabling you to make the most of your mapping. By using our sophisticated software, you can easily access the facts and figures required to keep your project on-course and on budget. Our team of experienced analysts can help you to identify trends, discover correlations, and uncover hidden information in your data. With our help, you can make better-informed decisions and ensure a successful outcome for your project.

Data Visulisation

Vertex's data visualisation service allows you to quickly and easily make sense of complex data structures and uncover insights. By displaying your data in a visually engaging way, our visualisations offer an efficient way to share information with your stakeholders and make more informed decisions. 

Our Clients

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